Brands I Love

I love carrying brands that I believe in and have used myself. I'm a mom with dry skin, on my face and body so I need products that do the job but also don't have too many ingredients that can cause reactions or extra ingredients that are not effective.

Dermalogica is a brand I love because of the education and research that goes into making each product. Every ingredient is intentional and effective. No artificial fragrances. It's also a brand that I've trained with when I first became an esthetician. When shelter in place hit, I decided to take advantage of my time by taking all of the Dermalogica online classes I could and in 3 months, I became a Dermalogica Expert! This means I'm well-versed in their products and services.

Skin Script is a brand only available through estheticians and spas. Their products were created under the direction of physicians and estheticians with the goal of improving the clients' skin condition and repairing damaged skin. I love that their packaging isn't flashy because that means they put more money into research and ingredients. Similar to Dermalogica, they have a dedication to the client's and esthetician's education.

I like to feature products that work. I've tried all of the brands of lash serum that I carry and I honestly love them all!